Inglis Family Tree
Family Tree
Ninian Inglis
? - 1623
m Christian Ermour who had a sister Jean Ermar or Armour
Lived at Douglas in Lanarkshire and had a brother  called Wal (Walter?)
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  m2 Margaret Wilkie (2nd Wife) believed to be a member of the Douglas family and 'a near descendant of the old Duke of Queensberry in Scotland' Possibly died before Richard as neither they nor any Children were mentioned in his will. Unlike Andrew's daughter Marion. Possibly died before Richard as neither they nor any Children were mentioned in his will. Unlike Andrew's daughter Marion.
  1620 Graduated St Andrews University
  1628 Ordained Minister at Wiston
  1641-1654 Minister of St Brides Church, Douglas (Church now a ruin - many Inglis tombstones can be seen in Inglis Aisle)
  1649 He 'took the side of the public resolutioners'
  Children were the result of the first marriage. ( Wife's name unknown.)
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m Capt. Robert Johnson (Johnston?) brother of Johnston of Whamprey m Miss Farquhar whose father was also a clergyman and came to Ireland. m Robert Bell (He had a brother called Jon Bell)
(see Mrs Stratford's letter on the family history)
15/7/1650 Graduated from Edinburgh University ( M.A)
1654 Ordained
1654 Succeeded father as Minister of Douglas
1660 Minister of Moffat
1662 Named by Woodrow as one of those who refused to submit to Episcopacy
1663 Minister of Westerkirk
1667 Minister of Lochmaben. To this place he was 'presented' by Charles 2 on the 7th May ,so it appears that he must have 'conformed' by then.
It is recorded of him that 'he ran away from debt and the place was in a manner vacant'
1675 Minister of Ashkirk
1685 Minister of St Mungas and High Church Glasgow, he appears to have had charge of the north quarter of the City of Glasgow.
2/3/1686-16/8/89 Rector Glasow University (Appointed D.D)
1689 he became a 'Non-juror', which was the name given to a number of clergymen of the Church of England who refused to take the Oath of Allegiance to William and Mary. Their contention was that they had already taken oath to James 11 and cound not transfer their allegiance to another sovereign at the bidding of Parliament.
1690 Deprived of Livings and emigrated to Ireland due to Refusal to swear alegiance to William and Mary (who established Presbutary in Scotland). He was called to appear at Falkirk but escaped to Ireland instead.
His move to Ireland was at the suggestion of his kinsman Alexander Cairncross ('a near relation'). Cairncross had been Archbishop of Glasgow until dispossed by James 11. Cairncross was, however, given the See of Raphoe in Ireland by William 111 partly in order that he might provide for some of the Scottish clergy driven from their parishes.
1694 received from Cairncross the living of Killybegs (Donegal)
Rector of Raphoe and Killybegs, Donegal, Ireland.
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Graduated from Glasgow University (M.A)
Appears to have moved to Ireland with his father.
1692? Rector of Tullaghobegly
1698 Rector of Raymunterdowny in Donegal, Ireland
5th Generation Use up and down, and left and right scroll bars to navigate around this large web page. ? Archibald Inglis
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m Mr Morrison? m Daughter of Captain Johnson of Scotland (Johnston?), Mother was daughter of the Bishop of Whiteford an English Bishop. Her two sisters were married, one to Lord Fernsburn (sp?), and the other to Sir Robert Lowther.
An Aunt Morrison is mentioned in Charles' Diary in Falmouth, Nova Scotia. She was 72 in 1788. (Page 86 Harris) 1713 Ordained at Raphoe for Curacy of Lettermacward in Donegal, Ireland
1722 Rector of Glencolumbkille, Ireland, to which he added the living of Kilcarr in 1743.
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From here keep scrolling right to find the left hand side of the family tree. (1719 - 17/4/1770) (1730 - (1734 - 24/2/1816)
1737 Educated at Trinity College, Dublin. m Mr Stratford m Feb, 1764 married Mary Vining, of Salem County, New Jersey,daughter of Captain Benjamin Vining and Mary nee Middleton (Mary married on Benjamin's death a Nicholas Ridgely,  sister of Hon. John Vining, Chief Justice of Delaware.  Dutch descent (Died in childbirth premature twins 1764) They had only been married for 8 months.
20/10/1743 Ordained (We have a letter written from Sydney aged 83 from 13 Upper Liffy st. Ireland  dated 19 - 2 - 1813 written to the first Bishop about their ancestors.) (- 13/10/1764)
One Twin Mary almost survived 29 days.
15/11/1745 Succeeded Father as Rector of Glencolumbkille Her tombstone is in the churchyard of Christ Church, Dover, Delaware.
  m31 May, 1773  Margaret (Peggy) Crooke, 2nd child of John and Margaret (nee Ellison)  of Kingston,  Ulster County, New York. She owned estates around New York and was reported to be worth £10,000. Her father's father John Crooke Sr of Kingston, New York for years Surrogate of Ulster County. Her mother's parents were Thomas and Margaret (Garrabrant) Ellison. Margaret Crooke was one of eleven children. Her brother Thomas married Mary Peck, of the Pecks from whom Peck slip N.Y is named, William married Mary Floyd, first cousin of William Floyd of Long Island one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Her sister Elizabeth married Callwallader Colden, son of the eminent New York Scientist and politician who was governor 3 times. John Crooke was one of the first wardens of Trinity Church.
  (1748 - 21/9/1783)
  Margaret and her son Charles  have a Mural tablet in the chancel of St Paul's Chapel, Broadway, New York.
  1754c Charles emigrated to America
  Possibly his passage was paid for by John Inglis (might have been a cousin) in return for educating his children. A Samual and a John Inglis are named among the first students at the Academy in Philadelphia in 1757 (probably sons of John Inglis, see family tree of the Auchindinny Inglises).
  1755 Appointed as Catechist and 'Preceptor' at the Free School, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
  1758 Ordained Deacon by Bishop Zacharias Pearce of Rochester (acting for Bishop Sherlock of London) at Fulham Palace, London, England
  1/7/1759 Returned to America and became SPG Missionary (Society for the Propagation of the Gospels) Missionary at Dover, Delaware, America.
  1760 He was ill with fever (probably malaria) throughout his life he was to have recurrent bouts.
  In Colonial Delaware, and apparently also in Pennsylvania, Inglis was the only missionary to admit blacks to the communion table.
  12/1765 Appointed Assistant at Trinity Church, New York.
  19/5/1767 Kings College, New York awarded him an M.A. Largely due to 'An Essay on Infant Babtism' in reply to the Baptists.
  31/5/1770 Oxford Diploma for M.A
  5/1770 He became Godfather to the son of John Odeserundy, a Mohawk chief who fought so valiantly for the Britsh in the French war, and during the revolution, afterwards he settled on the Bay of Quinte , where a town was named after him. Inglis believed that 'civilising' the Indians would bring their annihilation.
  1771 Accepted onto the board of Governors for Kings College, New York.
  10/1771 He became President of Kings College, New York.
  1773 to 1783 Rector of Trinity Church, New York, America
  1774 Became 'senior curate' of Trinity Church.
  1775 American War of Independence broke out, Charles was a prominent Royalist
  3/1776 The rebels captured New York.
  4/1776 George Washington arrived in New York, Charles was lucky to avoid execution for his loyalist activities.
  9/1776 English forces re-occupied New York.
  3/1777 Succeeded Dr Auchmuty as Rector of Trinity Church, New York.
  2/1778 Doctor of Divinity conferred by Oxford University
  1778 France declared war on Great Britain in support of the American rebels.
  10/1778 New York Provincial Assembly confiscated the property of many loyalists, including all the property of Charles Inglis and his wife (His property at Kingston, Charlotte and Fredericksburg in the state was seized and sold for £84,000 US£ leaving him nothing but his salary of £100 per annum as Chaplain of the 1st Battalion New Jersey Volunteers)
  1782 American Independence agreed by British Government.
  21/1/1982 His son Charles dies aged 8 years old.
  21/9/1783 His wife dies aged 35 years and is buried in St Paul's Chapel, Broadway, New York.
  26/10/1783 Preached farewell sermon at St Georges and St Paul's chapels.
  11/1783 Resigned from Trinity Church following the Declaration of American Independence.
  25/11/1783 The English forces evacuated New York and Charles and his Son John sailed with them to England. (His daughter Margaret had left for school in England and his younger daughter, Anne remained with her mother's relations Thomas Ellison)
  Apr-Nov 1784 He left England to visit his old home at Glencolumkille
  12/8/1787 Consecrated Bishop of Nova Scotia in Chapel of Lambeth Palace by Dr. Moore, Archbishop of Canterbury. (First Colonial bishop.)
  The See of Nova Scotia comprised the whole of the British possessions in North America from Newfoundland to Lake Superior, and even included Bermuda.
  10/1787 Arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  Charles appears to have lived at Halifax on first becoming Bishop, to have moved to Clermont, Aylesford in about 1794  and estate which he built to 9000 acres, and from 1806 to have spent the winters in Halifax and the summers at Clermont.
  1788 Founded King's College, Windsor,Nova Scotia. Started as school run by Archbishop Paine Inglis, the Bishop's Nephew.
  The first head of the college, as distinct from the School, was William Cochran, a Dublin graduate from Omagh was had previously been Classical Professor in King's College, New York. He was ordained by Bishop Charles 12/6/1791. The bishop's son John married William Cochran's niece.
  Between 1808-11 his portrait was painted by Robert Field, this picture is now in the National Portrait Gallery, London. A copy by Myles is owned by Trinity Church, St John, N.B, another unfinished copy is in the Nova Scotia Archives at Halifax, A lithograph of the Field portrait was executed by M.Gauci. Bishop John Inglis commissioned a further copy (artist unknown) which he presented to St. George's Church, New York on 16.3.1843 to be placed in the vestry-room of the church.
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Educated Trinity college Dublin 1768 Trinity College Dublin, Eire Buried in St Pauls Chapel,Broadway, New York City, America. Born Long Island, New York. Born New York Born in New York
1775 Graduated 1787 Emigrated to Nova Scotia Unmarried m19/9/1799 Brenton Halliburton son of Dr John Halliburton, born in Scotland; a naval surgeon who married the daughter of Admiral Sir Jahleel Brenton, member of the council Nova Scotia 1787. Brenton's sister married Admiral Robert Murray. 1799 or 20/7/1797m Rev George Pigeon, son of Edward Pidgeon, Gentleman of Kilkenny 31/8/1802 m Elizabeth Cochran, eldest daughter of Hon. Thomas Cochran and his second wife Jane (Allen) Cochran
Rector of Wicklow 19/10/1788 Ordained (First Anglican ordination in Canada) ( 3/12/1775 - 16/7/1860) (1760  - 6/5/1818) (15/4/1781 - 14/7/1862)
Reginald Harris book states he was rector of Cherrymount 1/11/1788 President of the Academy at Windsor, Nova Scotia Brenton studied for a few years in England but on the death of his elder brother John in 1791 he retuned to Halifax to study Law. Rev Pigeon was born in Co Kilkenny, Ireland 1783 Sailed to England with Father
m20/3/1776 Anna daughter of John Major, of Cherrymount, Co Donegal, Eire. 1789 - 1801 Rector of Glanville, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia 28/6/1795 When Duke of Kent came to Halifax as commander of the forces he joined as a Lieutenant  the Seventh Foot Lancers 1776-81 Educated at Trinity College, Dublin. 1786 Returned to Halifax, Nova Scotia with Father
(-1823) married  Susanna ? 6/9/1798 Promoted to Captain but left the army after the Prince left Nova Scotia. Lieut in 65 Regiment and came to America during the Revolutionary War. 1788 Entered King's College, Windsor and remained there until he was 17.
  (1766 - 13/12/1842) 1808 Returned to the Law and was elevated to the Bench Rev Pigeon was Ordained by Bishop Charles Inglis at Belleisle in 1793 1799 John went to New York and Philadelphia on business for his father in connection with his claim for losses in the Revolution. (His claims were unsuccessful)
  Susanna died at Lower Horton, King's County He was made head of the Judiciary. 1795 -1814 Rector of Fredericton 1800 Traveled to England. The main object of his visit was to obtain books for the library at King's College, Windsor. Both the Archbishop of Canterbury (Dr Moore) and the Bishop of London wrote congratulatory letters about him to his father.
  Knighted aged 85 1814 - 1818 Trinity Church, St.John 13/12/1801 Ordained Deacon by his father in the Parish Church of St.Mary, Aylesford, Nova Scotia
    Brenton fought a legal battle on behalf of his father-in-law to reclaim confiscated family estates. 1795 - 1818 Commissary in N.B 1806 Re-visited England
    A portrait of him hangs in the Legislative Council Chamber in Halifax She died at the house of Sir Brenton Halliburton, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 1816 Rector of St Paul's Halifax, Nova Scotia.
    A tablet in his memory rests on the walls of St Pauls Church. A minature likeness of him hangs in the vestry of Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton. 25/3/1825 Consecrated 3rd Bishop of Nova Scotia
    They had property on Morris st, Halifax, The Bower on the Northwest Arm,and the  Margaretville estate at Wilmot, Annapolis (Margaretville was next to Clermont and given to them by Bishop Charles). His tombstone is in the old burying ground of St .John. 1831 Visited England
    Margaret died in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A tablet is in St Pauls Church. Her tombstone is in St Paul's churchyard in Halifax. 1840 Visited England
      1850 Returned to England as and invalid and died
      Buried at StMary's churchyard, Battersea Church London.
      He was buried in the family vault of Sir Rupert George, Bart. 'to whom he was fondly attached by the strongest ties of friendship and with whom he was closely allied by marriage'. Sir Rupert George was at that time Secretary of the Province of Nova Scotia. (Some Cochran's were also buried in the George family vault so I presume the relationship was through them.
        (We have a picture of the tomb.)
        Elizabeth was buried in St Paul's Churchyard, Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells, where there is a memorial window to her, combined with one to Sir John Inglis (her son)
      No Children  
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  (No Knowledge of either Richard or Charles marrying) (No Knowledge of either Richard or Charles marrying) Unmarried m Thomas Williams of Killan (Kilcarn?) Co Meath, Eire m Edward Lynch, of Drogheda, Eire. Charles was left a plot of Land in Bishop Charles' Will. 2/20/1790 Christened at Glanville Christened in Granville aged 5 weeks 3 days. 24/7/1788 Bishop Charles mentions in his diary Babtising 'my nephew's little daughter'.( Page 88 Harris) 5/16/1794 Babtised 3 weeks, 4 days. m1825 Hon. Enos Collins M.L.C Unmarried Unmarried Unmarried Unmarried Died aged 7 m 1862 Major Richard Mathews Poulden, R.A Born in Halifax Born London Born Halifax Born Halifax Born Halifax Born Halifax, Nova Scotia. Born Halifax Unmarrried
  m 18/3/1809 Daniel Rathbun Prominent Business man in Nova Scotia Barrister 22 Oct 1840 Captain  Admitted Kings College Windsor - Nova Scotia Unmarried Unmarried Unmarried m Francis Edward Kilvington only son of Rev Orfeur Kilvington and the Hon. Mary Margaret his wife. 1831 Kings College, Nova Scotia Joined the Rifle Brigade and retired as a Major
  (21-2-1781 - 1848) Lived on his estate at Gorsebrook. 44 years Chief Clerk of the Legislative Council 28/11/1854 Major Studied Medicine in London (20/6/1817 - 25/71855) 19/7/1851 m Julia Selina Thesiger daughter of Sir Frederick Thesiger M.P (1st Lord Chelmsford - twice Lord Chancellor) and Anna Maria (nee Tinling - niece of Major Peirson, the heroic defender of Jersey) Lived in retirement in London
    Last of Bishop Charles Inglis' descendants to live in Halifax and the last to bear the Halliburton name. Retired 1875 on Captain's full pay. He is thought to have been an invalid for much of his life. There is a Kilvington window in St. Paul's Church, Rustball, Tunbridge Wells). (19/4/1833 - 3/2/1904) (Donated family pictures to the National Portrait Gallery, London)
    No further knowledge of Archibald Paine Inglis' descendants.     Like others of his family he is buried in Camp Hill Cemetry, Halifax. Mrs Poulden died in England Returned to Nova Scotia 8/1/1841 Lieutenant of the 2nd Staffordshire foot. 1833 Joined Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry in Nova Scotia
        Unmarried Jane, Arabella and Catherine came to England with their Father in 1850. They did not marry and lived in the same house in Eaton Square, London. 12/3/1848 Captain of the 62nd Wiltshire foot. 1837 Active service in Canada
        Buried at Aylesford, Nova Scotia, behind St Mary's Church. The place is now covered by an enlarged chancel. He died on board the S.S Melita as she was entering the harbour of Malta, when he was returning from the crimea to England 1839 Lieutenant
          Kings College 'fared generously from his estate'. He donated the Clermont estate which was about 9000 acres. 1843 Captain
                  1848 Major
    Ingles Rathbun John Rathbun Susanna Rathbun Catherine Rathbun Margaret Rathbun     1848 - 49 In Punjab In command at the Storming of Mooltan and the Battle of  Gujarat.
    (1810 - (1811 - (1813 - (1815 - 24-Oct-1890) (1817 -     1849 Brevet Lieut-Colonel of H.M 32nd Regt
        20/21855 Regimental Lieut-Colonel
        5/6/1855 Brevet Colonel
        7/1857 Succeeded Sir Henry Lawrence as Brigadier General in Command of the garrison during Siege of Lucknow, India
          1860 Command of troops in Ionian Isles as Major General
          Kings College and the University of Oxford conferred on him the degree of D.C.L
            1862 Died in Homburg while in convalesce from illness resulting from the Siege of Lucknow and buried in Homburg, Germany.
        Thomas Cochran Kilvington There are memorials to him in the Parish Church at Bodmin, and memorials also at Frant and Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells, and in the crypt of St. Paul's Cathedral, London.
        Lady Inglis' diaries of the siege of Lucknow were published in 1892.
        Julia buried at Lynton, Beckenham where the family lived after the General died.
                                                                                                                                  14/6/1839 2nd Lieutenant in the Rifle Brigade. Julia held the honorary position of ''Housekeeper'' of the State apartments of St. James' Palace
      No Children 14/4/1843 Lieutenant  
      29/12/1848 Captain  
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m Thomas Egan of Warrington Place Dublin m John Wimburn Laurie m Philip Carteret Hill Born in India Born in India Born in India Born in India m George Herman Collier (India Office) 21/1/1882 Oxford University B.A
Rector Became a General 11/8/1953 Baptised at Peshawar by R.B Maltby, Chaplain. 1/4/1855 Baptised at Sanawur by W.J.Parker, Chaplain 9/3/1876 Oxford University Goddaughter of Queen Victoria Knighted m11/6/1900 Helen Mary Gilchrist
1861 Emigrated to Canada after service in the Crimean War and the Indian Mutiny. m Janet Alice Thornhill 1883 m Edith Caroline Buckworth daughter of the Rev C Buckworth. 21/4/1892 m Enestine 'Nina' May Pigou Daughter of the Dean of Bristol 1891 m  Hubert Shorrock Ashton   Curate of Basingstoke
Note John Charles Inglis had Thomas of Wicklows     1866 Purchased Oakfield Estate near Grand Lake, Nova Scotia (No issue) ( - 1943) (10/4/1863 - 26/10/1941) Merchant   Rector of Frittenden, Nr Staplehurst, Kent
line researched but line appears to have died out.     The estate was a model farm and noted for its dairy herds.   1973 Entered the Army. Tea Planter in Ceylon (Agra Kandy Estate) A banker and partner in Child & Co. Lived at Trueloves, Essex   1916 Army Chaplain
Member of Parliament of Shelbourne.   19/3/1890 Major in theDuke of Edinburgh's  (Wiltshire) Regiment Retired to live at Glanwye, Builth Wells, Wales. Lived Lynton, Beckenham     Killed at the battle of the Somme - Searching for Wounded with Dr. Ingram, Great Uncle of Loveday Ingram at Aberdeen University with Charles John Inglis.
Both the Lauries and the Hills lived in England in the 1890's   Buried at Builth Wells church.       (See war letters - published)
  Edith Buckworth buried at Southwick, Hampshire.       Helen was Godmother to John Charles Inglis
        Percy, Gilbert, Hubert and Claude all Triple Blues at Cambridge.                
          "We thank thee, we praise thee, we bless thee O' lord, for Hubert, Percy, Gilbert and Claude" (Winchester Song)      
          Ashton Cricket side beat an unbeaten Australian Ashes side.                  
  No Children     Twins      
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Born in London 1905 Fruit Farmed in British Columbia near Nelson prior to 1st World War with brother Harold 1923 m Elsie Tower - Daughter of Admiral Cyril Tower Musician Headmistress Tudor Hall, Girl School 5/7/1924 m Air Vice Marshall Sir (Robert) Victor Goddard 1927 m Vera Turner (Midge) m 17/7/1937 Margaret Warren Badly Gassed 1914 -1918 War m 1921 Joan Mary Huband Cambridge blue at Cricket (Captain), Football, and Hockey Cambridge blue for Cricket (Captain), Football (Captain) and Hockey. Killed at the Battle of Jutland m Cmdr. Charles H  Woods m 1 Sheila Bowden -Smith Unmarried Lived in South Africa Educated at home with governesses. Vice Admiral m Cmdr Bobby Bristowe DSO
St Pauls School, London. Killed in Action at Gallipoli 1915 School Uppingham Rugby School (6/2/1897 - 21/1/1987) Air Vice-Marshal Saw action in the 1914-18 war. Military Cross 1914 - 1918 War Blues for Cricket (Captain) and Association Football at Cambridge. Military Cross 1914-18 War m Isobelle Norman- Butler Unmarried Lived in Kenya. m 2 Peggy Cape m1 Ecca Black m 21/07/1923 Edward (Humphrey) Kitson (Commander RN) son of The Rev John Buller Kitson and Agnes nee Carus-Wilson. m1945 Maude Dorien Frankland (Franky) Stockbroker
Attended the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. School Uppingham 1907 Fruit Farmed in British Columbia near Nelson prior to 1st World War with brother Rupert 1913 Won the 2 mile,  1 mile and 1/2 mile races at the Woolwich vs Sandhurst Royal Military Academy,all in the same afternoon. Lived Meadow Gate Lodge,  Brasted , Westerham, Kent Head of RAF Intelligence Staff reporting to Churchill during War. Assistant Chief labour Officer, Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd Cricket Team Essex. Military Cross 1914 - 1918 War m1927 (Bunty) Dorothy Margaret Gaitskell Played Cricket for Essex, Cambridge University.   Cmdr RN           (- 25/4/65 Knighted No Children
1899 Commissioned in the Royal Artillery Buried at Sea, Gulf of Lyons. MC at Gallipoli At the Woolwich military  academy he passed out with a prize for riding and horsemanship   In 1942 he was sent to America by Churchill, where he successfully persuaded President Roosevelt to direct the American war effort against Germany rather than Japan.   Lived Bigbury-on-sea after the war. 1921 - 1961 Headmaster Abberley Hall, Worcester (1899 - 1983) Killed due to air training accident in Second War   No Children   m2 Not known Lived, Hartfield, Sussex  
Served in Bermuda, South Africa and India. DSO Battle of the Somme (Recommended for a V.C?) 1/4/1914 Received commision in the Royal Engineers.       No Children Donated Abberley to become a charitable trust. Sister of Hugh Todd Naylor Gaitskell MP(Leader of the Labour Party in Opposition from 1955)       Giblater  
m 1909 Violet Maud, daughter of Admiral F.R Boardman, CB, RN Retired after war as a Major to live in Hampshire - Curdridge and then Hill Place, Swanmore, Hampshire Went to france on 9/7/1915       Grave and headstone next to his brother Hubert at St Peter's Church, South Weald, Essex. Conservative MP for Chelmsford       m3 Sue Cheriton, Hampshire  
(she died after 1967) Chicken farmed with his Colonel in Hampshire. 25/9/1915 Killed at the Battle of Loos, Vermilles and Hill 70         Knighted         Humphrey served in 1914-18 and 39/45 wars.  
Became a Colonel 1947 Moved Caerwnon, Builth Wells, Wales and then Llansantffraid House, Brecon, Wales That night Major Mildred lost every officer under his command involved in the attack and 134 men out of 252 died.         Stayed at Trueloves while pregnant with Jane before joining Hubert at Rangoon, Burma.         Joan is buried at Cheriton, Hampshire.  
1914-18 Assigned to special duty with the British Mission in the United States, and in 1918 saw active service in France. He had an agreement with his wife that they would spend half their lives in Hampshire and half in Wales near the River Wye! Jack Inglis' name is included in the 4th Rugbeian Memorial. His name is one of 79 Rugbeians who died between June 17th and October 29th 1915.         Played Cricket for Essex, Cambridge University, Europeans (India), Rangoon Gymkhans, Myanmar.            
After war held a Artillery Command in Iraq. They sold his fathers Tea plantation in Ceylon, fortunately, just prior to Nationalisation by the Government.         Third Church Estates Commissioner.            
1922 Retired and came to live at Oakland his fathers estate, 20 miles from Halifax on the Halifax - Truro highway. Both buried at Llansantffraid church.         Deputy Lieutenant of Essex            
President of Oakfield Estate ltd, once encompassed some 3,000 acres.           1943 High Sheriff of Essex            
Trustee of Edgehill School and Kings Collegiate School at Windsor and of Wycliffe College, Toronto           President of the M.C.C 1961-62.            
1939 University of Kings gave him an honorary degree of Doctor of Civil Laws.           Funeral held at St Peter's Church, South Weald, Essex            
1939 Governor of Dalhousie University           Grave and headstone next to his brother Gilbert.            
1943-1955 Chairman of the Board of Governors of Dalhousie University.                        
1939-45 Appointed Honary Inspector of Industrial Security under the department of Munitions and Supply.                        
Freeman of the City of London and a member of the Livery of the Worshipful Company of Saddlers, London.                        
Prominent member of the Anglican Church and represented Nova Scotia in the General Synod of Canada.                        
1959 He donated 60 acres on the shores of Grand Lake to become Laurie Park.                        
Buried at the Oakfield Anglican Church near the graves of his father mother and Son.                        
11th Generation Use up and down, and left and right scroll bars to navigate around this large web page. Iris Laurie John Laurie John Charles Inglis Christopher (Kit) Rupert Cyril Inglis Anne Veronica Inglis John Inglis Goddard David Rodney Goddard Jane Helen Goddard Wendy Inglis Diana Gillian 'Jill' Inglis Julia Margaret Inglis Patricia Ashton Anne Ann Ashton Elizabeth Ashton Susan Ashton Jane Claire Ashton Hubert (Hugh) Gaitskell Ashton Felicity Mary Ashton John Gilbert Ashton Jeremy Claude Ashton Betsy Ashton Simon Ashton Margaret Woods Nic Collier Peter Collier Richard (Dickie) Inglis Kitson Tim D Kitson Priscilla Helen Kitson Sarah Inglis
From here keep scrolling right to find the left hand side of the family tree. (died after 1967) (died before 1967) (18/4/1925 - ) (1929 - 1993) (1931 - (27/4/1925 - 1998) (16/3/1927 - (17/6/1929 - 16/5/1928- (15/6/1931 - (11/9/1940 - Died young. (1924 - (22/4/1928 - (27/1/1930 - (12/10/1935 - (23/9/1939 - 19/5/1964) (7/1930 - (1932 (1934 - 1986) (1923 - (17/1/1925 - (14/8/1930 - 18/1/1998) (14/5/1939 - (1948 -
m Brian R Spencer of Ottawa School The Old Malt House, Langton Matravers, Dorset School The Old Malt House, Langton Matravers, Dorset. (Head Boy!) m Major General Jonathan Dent, CB, CBE 2/1/1954 m Susan Elizabeth de Lacy Bacon Born Cambridge m 6/11/1953 Robin Chichester-Clarke Conservative MP (Brother was Prime Minister of Northern Ireland) m 2/10/1948 Peter Willliam Helmore (Lost at Sea) Born in London m 10/6/1967 The Reverend (Gerard) Christopher Morgan Miles m Alastair  Dudgeon School teacher m Angus McGrigor m David Goddard (Second Cousin) Born Ingatestone, Essex. Born at Rangoon, Burma. Born at Hutton, Essex. Born at Brentwood, Essex. m Betty Randell Unmarried m Virginia Liddell Unmarried m Ada m Lyn m1 Veronica Brooks m20/8/1960 Margaret (Mara) Vernon Rowlandson at Buddleigh, Salterton,Devon Born Hartfield, Sussex. m1 Hugh Poole- Warren who was educated at Kings College, Nova Scotia (Founded by Bishop Charles Inglis)
(died before 1967) School Winchester School Winchester Lived London. (5/5/1930 - 1940 - 41 School Bryanston (10/1/1928 - ( -1969) 1939-1947 Tudor Hall School.   (Nurse at St Thomas' Hospital, London with Deirdre de Burgh, Rosaleen Inglis' sister) Unmarried   m 10/9/1955 Christopher Ralph Warde - Aldam at South Weald,Essex m 15/9/1956 Anna Brita Rylander at Bath, Somerset. m 8/6/1963 David Vulliamy Lidderdale at South Weald, Essex. m 2/6/1962 Teresa (Tessa) Young, daughter of Richard and Molly Young. In London. Bishop of Papua New Guinea   Secretary of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. S.P.G (see Bishop Charles Inglis). Live in South Africa Live in South Africa m2 Islay Thornhill Commander Royal Navy 1952-56 School, Beehive, Bexhill, Sussex. m2 Hedley  Duncan (Brigadier)
1959 m Rosaleen daughter of Captain Hubert Henry de Burgh RN DSO and Mary Edith Margery Isobelle Buchan from Oldtown, Co Kildare, Eire. Major 15/19 Hussars     1941 - 43 Wanganui Collegiate. New Zealand m2 4/11/1977 Cecil Samuel Gordon 'Paddy' Falloon   m 29/9/1951 Jeremy Napier Howard-Williams, son of Ernest Leslie Howard-Williams and Norah Christabel Gibson       (See David Goddard for Children) (1926 - 1995)     (1939 -         Trinity College, Cambridge. Awarded O.B.E m Lionel Holden Mayall son of Rex Mayall and Madge nee Holden.  
(10/5/1929 - ) m Astrid Charlton daughter of Roy and Vera Charlton from Northumberland.     1943 - 44 School Bryanston (10/7/1911 -   (13/3/1922 - 8/9/1995)       Buried St Peter's Church,Stoke Lyne, Ashes Loch Ederline     Died at London Hospital, Canonbury.         School Master at Pilgrims school, Winchester.   College, Diploma in Agriculture, Seale Hayne - Devon.  
Lt Colonel commanded 15/19 Hussars (8/2/1940 -     University Cambridge (Peterhouse)     Awarded a DFC as a night fighter in 1941.                       RNVR during the 1939-45 War.   1939-45 Lived Hartfield, Sussex.  
Retired to be Field Secretary of the Salmon and Trout Assoc Deputy Lieutenant of Powys, Wales     Degree in Hons Geography     After war served in Singapore, Germany.                       Lives in Dunoon, Argyll.   1945-60 Cheriton Hampshire.  
Lived Hope Bowdler Hall, Church Stretton, Shropshire. Secretary of Country Landowners Association, Wales     m 14/4/1951 Susan Ashton (2nd Cousin) daughter of Joan and Gilbert Ashton.     Assistant Air Attache to the British Embassy in Paris.                           1960-82 Lived and farmed at Bishampton, Worcestershire.  
  Lived Brecon, Wales     (22/10/1929 -     Sailed and played hockey for the RAF.                           1982 -Live Dalby, Isle of Man  
  Buried at Llansantffraid church, next to father and mother.     1945 - 48 Royal Marine Commando. Lieut     After the RAF he worked for Sail-makers Ratsey and Lapthorne                              
        1952 - 1968 Somerset Light Infantry and Kings African Rifles     1974-82 Managing editor for Adlard Coles, his publishing house.                              
        1951 - 54 Lieut in Malaya     Published several books including Sails, Night Intruder and the Complete Crossword Companion.                              
        1959 - 63 Capt/Major in Kenya     Jeremy's ashes were scattered in the Solent.                              
        1965 - 68 Major in Bahrein     Lived Germany Cologne                              
        Mentioned in Dispatches, Malaya.     Paris, France                              
        Founded the International Sailing Craft Association (A Museum of boats numbering 230)     Cowes, Isle of Wight                              
12th Generation Charles John Inglis James Richard Inglis Julia Inglis Veronica Inglis Andrew Inglis Juliet Dent Susan Dent Victoria Dent Christopher Dent Nicholas Goddard katherine Julia Goddard Delia Mary Goddard Giles William Goddard Stephen David Inglis Goddard (Charles) Anthony Ashton Goddard Thomas Julian Goddard Tessa Ann Goddard Emma Penelope Fallon Mark Falloon Sophia Melissa Jane 'Fia' Falloon (Peter) Richard Helmore Annabel Wendy Helmore Anthony Inglis Howard-Williams Christopher Jeremy Howard-Williams Nicola Gaie Howard-Williams Phillip Robert Miles Andrew Mark Miles Peter Anthony Ashton Dudgeon Tim Dudgeon Killoran McGrigor James McGrigor Robert McGrigor Annabelle Julia Warde-Aldam Guy Ralph Ashton Warde-Aldam Mark John Warde-Aldam Hubert William Ashton Peter Claude Ashton Charles James Ashton Katherine (Katie) Victoria Frances Alastair James Dunbar Lidderdale Julia Arabella Joyce Lidderdale Diana Celia Joan Lidderdale Phyllida (Polly) Mary Lucinda Ashton Letitia (Leafy) Amaryllis Loveday Ashton Victoria Ashton Isobel Ashton Ralph Ashton Guy Ashton Melanie Ashton Jessica Ashton Three daughters of Nic Collier Simon Collier Natalie Collier Mary Kitson Jane Kitson David Kitson Emma Kitson Richard Rex Kitson Mayall Edward Samual Mayall Anna Helen Mayall Charles Poole-Warren Julia Poole- Warren
(21/5/1965 - (9/9/1968 - (1965 - (1968 - (1971 - (1958 - (1960 - (1962 - (1966 - (11/8/1954 - 28/12/1957) (24/5/1957 - (23/10/1958 (22/6/1962 - (1/10/1952 - (30/9/1954 - (6/10/1958 - (2/11/1963 - (15/10/1955 - (15/12/1958 57 - (2/2/1961 - (20/10/1952 - (14/8/1954 - (27/6/1952 (22/3/1954 - (10/1/1957 (10/4/1968 - (31/1/1971 - (16/3/1947 - (1961 - (1963 - (1965 - (5/7/1956 - (24/6/1958 - (23/9/1960 - (19/7/1957 - (18/9/1959 - (3/4/1961 - (9/1/1965 - (31/3/1964 - (29/8/1965 - (6/41967- (4/6/1963 - (14/7/1964 - (1966 (1969 (1972 -) (1964 (1967 - (1970 - (1956 - (1960 - 1973) (1962 - (1966 - (24/7/1962 - (4/4/1964 - (17/7/1966 - (1972 - (1975 -
Born Dublin, Eire. Born Tidworth, England. Born Amsterdam 1996m Dominic Morris-Marsham son of Jack and Molly Worlidge 1999 m Olivia Armitage m Dr Neville Purssell m Julian Baker m 27/7/1984 Geoffrey Pattison Boult m 19/1/1985 Anthony Richard Clark m 12/7/1980 Barbara 'Buffs' Anne Whitecourt Born Military Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia m 12/4/1986 Victoria Susan Acland m 30/11/1985 Lucas 'Luke' Van Praag m 12/3/1982 Piers Andrew Conrad Russell - Cobb m1 12/8/1977 Mary Hamilton m 1/9/1983 Randolph Jennings Russell Born RAF Hospital, Halton, Herts Born in Germany Born Paris, France Born London m Penelope Mult m Carella Alun-Jones m Louise Clark Born at University College Hospital, London. Born Louth General Hospital, Lincolnshire Born Hainton, Lincs. Born at Westminster Hostpital, London Born at Princes Gate Mews, London. Born at Grey End, Ongar, Essex. Born at Grey End, Ongar, Essex Born Clivedon Hospital, Taplow, Bucks Born Kingswood Court, Maidenhead, Berks. Born Kingswood Court, Maidenhead, Berks. Born Charing Cross Hospital, London Born Grange Grove, Canonbury, London. m Russell Finch m Claire Chapman m Hugh Broughton   Read Law at Cambridge University. Major in Territorial Army Educated at Malvern College. Educated at Malvern College. Educated at Ellerslie School, Malvern and Wroxall Abbey School, Warwickshire. School Eton
School 1973 - 1978 Abberley, Worcestershire School Abberley, Worcestershire. School North Foreland Lodge School North Foreland Lodge School Abberley   (6/6/1957 - (4/4/1958 - ) 1967 - 72 Radley College   (14/8/1954 - (10/1/1959 - 1965-69 Music Scholarship to Marlborough College 1967 -71 Marlborough College 1968-1973 Arts Educational Schools Westminster School       m Andrew Smith 1966 -1971 Abberley m1995 Celia Cleverdon m Jane Scantlebury m Stephanie Munro-Kerr m Kate Freeman m Miles MacEacharn m Chris Mewes m Malcolm Martin m Tim John Barnett     School Abberley     Hadley Long Manager of Leisure, Swimming Complex in Southsea. Captain on Boeing 747 with Virgin Atlantic. Read Bio-chemistry at Birmingham University. Customer Service Agent for Manx Airlines. m1999 Marta Balsera Garcia
School 1978 - 1983 Radley, Oxfordshire School Radley, Oxfordshire Batcher of Education in Oxford Edinburgh University School Radley         Emmanuel College, Cambridge       m2 15/1/1991 Regina 'Gina' Periera Pereira   Studied at the Royal College of Music 1972 - 75 Bristol University Dance College:- Rambert School of Ballet Trinity College, Dublin BA       School, Bedales, Petersfield 1971 - 1977 Eton (1959 - School at Abberley.   School Abberley     She is a acapuncturist         A Lawyer in London m Stephanie Smith Lives Isle of Man. Lawyer
1984 - 1988 Aberdeen University Durham University 9/8/1997m Colin Ziegler son Philip and Sarah nee Collins MA History of Art. Newcastle University         MA Geography         Degree ARCM French, English, History of Art - Combined Arts BA Hons Diploma in Ballet PGCE         Exeter University 1968 - 1973 Abberley                     m Sally Hill Stephanie is a bio-chemist working for the Royal Veterinary College
BSc Petroleum Geology BA Politics and Economics (10/4/1965 - Art Teacher BA Theology         1982 - 85 Hurworth, Co Durham         Conductor for the leading Orchestra's such as the London Philharmonic, The Royal Philhamonic; the Melbourne; Singapore;etc m 23/6/1990 Brigette Loi daughter of Raymond &Yvonne Loi of Macon, France. 1987 :- Quatro-Lingual Secretary 1943-1973 Lived Chelsea London         French and German BA hons 1973 - 1976 Milton Abbey                       m2 Sandy Freeman Live in Isleham, Cambridgeshire.
1988 - 1999 Schlumberger Oilfield Services Chartered Accountant Publisher for Collins and Brown. School Master Ludgrove School.         1985 - 89 Koenigstein, Nr Frankfurt, Germany           Changed name to Inglis Lived Isle of Wight m 7/5/1988 Klaus Konrad Muller, Son of Franz Muller and Helga (nee Wolpert) 1973 - Hemel Hempstead, Herts         Chartered Surveyor                         Pilot on Boeing 757/767 with Air 2000.
m 1998 Airlie Anne Carver, daughter of Humphrey Roberton 'Robin' and Rose Carver (nee Anderson), Norfolk. Special needs teacher.         1997 - Hartworth, Nr Richmond, N. Yorks           Conducted the RAF 50th Anniversary Concert of the Battle of Britain in the presence of the Queen and Prince Philip at the Royal Festival Hall. 1976 - Lived in france (Paris, Lyon and currently Haute Savoie.) (25/5/1961 - Schoolmaster, Lockers Park School         m1998 Nicky Hughes                         Live near Denbigh, North Wales.
(8/4/1967 -         1976 - 98 Worked for ICI           m 9/10/1994 Jan Revere daughter of Kenneth Wernham  and Ivy Revere English Teacher in Paris and then Thomson Consumer Electronics. Changed name to Mueller -Williams m 31.3.1973 Pamela (Pam) Ruth Batchen daughter of Donald Ernest Batchen and Oona Josephine Harkness         (1962 -                            
Born Holland Park Nursing Home, Kensington, London.           1998 - Management Consultant for Accenture           (1958 - Communications manager for Salomon Skis & Taylor Made golf Consultant in International Project Management Lived Isle of Wight,Southampton,London (8.12.1949-         Born Prestbury, Cheshire                            
School 1971 - 1979 Norwich, High School           m 15/9/1979 Caroline Felicity Wells daughter of Malcolm and Elizabeth Wells             Lived Isle of Wight Development manager for Somfy International 1993 - 99. 1977-80 Dijon, Frnace Born Dublin, Ireland         School, St Josephs Convent, Kenilworth.                            
School 1979 - 1985 Greshams' School, Norfolk           (10/7/1956 -           Warsash nr Southampton Since 2000 Director of Human Resources, Damart International. 1983-84 Osnabruck, Germany 1962-67 Howells School, Denbigh 1962-67                                      
1986 - 1987 Norwich School of Art.           1990 - 99 Headmistress and founder of Rainbow Montessori School           Presently Fulham/Kingston Musician in bluegrass band - lead singer, mandolin, guitar. 1980- Present Day Frieburgh, Germany Trinity College Dublin B.A (Natural Sciences)                                      
1987 - 1990 Manchester University                         President of the French Bluegrass music association. Runs the 'Youth Ballet Ensemble' in Freiburg, Germany 1950-73 Lived Tullamore, Offaly, Ireland                                      
Bsc Textile Design and Design Management.                           m2 9/9/2000 Akane Umezu daughter of Mitsuyoshi and Tokiko Umezu of Kanagaqa, Japan   1973 - Hemel Hempstead, Herts                                      
                              School Bursar, Lockers Park School.                                      
13th Generation Lorne Humphrey Anderson Ella Ziegler Huw Purssell Guy Purssell Alice Elizabeth Boult Tessa Jane Boult Zoe Megan Boult Matilda Boult Anna Magdalene Clark Gabriel James Clark Eleanor Pearl Clark Crispin Clark Alexander Goddard Sophie Elizabeth Goddard Phoebe Susan Goddard Chloe Elizabeth Ashton Goddard Henrietta Louise Goddard Samuel Harry Goddard Rosanna Kate Goddard Luke Goddard Helena Goddard Phineas 'Finn' Russell-Cobb Will Russell-Cobb (Peter) Daniel Helmore Kristina Mary Helmore Mairi Lindsay Helmore Ashley Helmore Max Alexander Russell Oliver Richard Russell Eleanor Howard-Williams Dominic Howard-Williams Alexander Howard-Williams Pauline Diana Howard-Williams Malcolm Victor Howard-Williams Timothy Jeremy Mueller-Williams Oliver Mueller-Williams Christopher Mueller-Williams Sarah Patricia Dudgeon Anthony (Anto) Oliver Dudgeon Benjamin Dudgeon Alexandra McGrigor Marcus McGrigor Isobel McGrigor Honour McGrigor Mathew Smith Elinor Smith Christopher (Kit) Warde-Aldam Matilda Elizabeth Jane Warde-Aldam Joe Warde-Aldam Lucy Warde-Aldam Sam (Hubert) Ashton Clemmie Ashon Lucy Ashton Sophie Ashton Charlotte Ashton Jamie Ashton Isabel Ashton Flora Ashton Edward Ashton Hattie MacEacharn William MacEacharn Charlie MacEacharn John Mewes Ruby Mathilda Ashton Barnett Johnie Charles Urban Ashton Barnett Isabella Meghan Finch Mark Finch Stanley Broughton Three Grand daughters, Four Grandsons Ella Louise Mara Kitson Thomas Mayall Samuel Mayall Hamish Mayall Leonora Mayall Phoebe Mayall Jacob Mayall
(10/4/2000 - (13/7/1998 - (1989 - (1992 - (2/3/1986 - (30/4/1988- (28/8/1991- (1997- (31/5/1985 - (19/9/1986- (26/51992- (1994 - (25/6/1983 - (20/9/1985 - (23/1/1991 - (3/11/1981 - (6/9/1983 - (11/5/1985- (31/5/1990 - (1992 - (1993 - (21/1/1988 (22/9/1989 -) (9/4/1981 - (17/3/1983 - (17/12/1985 - (1991 - (8/8/1990 - (11/5/1994 - (9/6/1996 - (1/3/1998 - (31/8/1989 - (11/09/1994 - (19/11/1989 -) (2/10/1991 - (15/12/1994 - (15/2/1977 - (16/3/1979 - (1995 - (1993 - (1996 - (1998 - (1988 - (1990 - (1999 - (18/4/2000- (1994 - (1996 - (1986 - (1988 - (1991 - (1993 - (1989 - (1992 - (1993 - (1995 - (1998 - (1993 - (1996 - (1998 - (1997 - (1989 - (1991 - (1997 - (1995 - (1998 - (1997 - (1/2/2000 - (1987 - (1994 - (1996 - (1990 - (1993 - (1998 -
Born Norfolk and Norwich Hospital Queens Charlotte Hospital, London Queen Charlotte hospital Hammersmith Born Kingston Hospital Born Kingston Hospital Born Hemel Hempstead Born Hemel Hempstead, Herts Born Norfolk and Norwich Hospital
1975 -88 Queenswood School, Hatfield 1992-97 Felsted School
University, Jesus College, Cambridge BA University Edinburgh
Management Consultant