Gaitskell Family Tree
(1639 - 25/11/1672)
m1666 Jane Armstrong
(1667 - 1751)
Born and Buried at Egremont.
m1705 Jane Skelton
(24/11/1719 - 17/4/1806)
m1754 Anne Betty Fell daughter of Solomon Fell, Gent, St Andrews, Holborn.
Lived Surrey Place, St George, Southwalk, Bemondsey, Surrey,
Took out family pedigree at the Royal College of Arms for himself and his Nephew William of Egremont.
Crissie Gaitskell John
Thomas Gaitskell Henry Gaitskell William Gaitskell Henry Sally Gaitskell Elizabeth Gaitskell Jane Gaitskell
(14/5/1756 - (20/4/1757 - 1808) (9/7/1759 - 14/9/1839) (19/9/1760 - (15/2/1763 - 20/6/1833) (17/9/1767 - 1/3/1836) (2/12/1754 - (22/1/1765 - (18/5/1771 -
Died young Grave Nether Wasdale m Jane Ashley Died young m1794 Elizabeth Gandy daughter of Thomas Gandy of Kendal, Co Westmoreland. Unmarried Unmarried m William Smart
(2/6/1766 - Captain of 1st Surrey Regiment of Volunteer Infantry. No issue
Lt Col 5 Surrey Militia Lived at Paragon, New Kent Road, Southwalk, Surrey.
Deputy Lieutenant and Magistrate for Surrey. Memorial in St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey.
Alicia Gaitskell Mary Ann Gaitskell Henry Eliza Jane Alicia Gaitskell Jane Gaitskell Henry Gaitskell John Frederick Gaitskell Caroline Gaitskell
James Gandy
(28/3/1796 - 19/7/1796) (21/12/1797 - (22/10/1799 - 20/2/1800) (19/2/1801 - 20/2/1801) (1/2/1802 - 15/8/1849) (16/1/1803 - 3/3/1883) (13/7/1804 - 18/10/1841) (9/5/1811 - (12/1/1808 - (5/4/1813 - 29/1/1885
m Rogerson m7/8/1823 Charles Sanders m Doctor T.Nurse A Lieutenant R.N, who was at the Battle of Naverino 1827 in H.M.S Albion. m1832 Harriet Gallanders m 18/10/1838 Henry Churton of Chester m1 17/2/1849 Lucy Julia Perfect daughter of John Perfect of Pentefract, Yorkshire
Memorial Bermondsey. ( - 1833) (- 18/1/1852)
Bengal Civil Service m2 14/4/1858 Emily Todd Naylor daughter of Jeremiah Todd Naylor and Mary nee Sampson of Kensington House, Liverpool, County Palatine and fomerly Wakefield Yorks. At Prestbury Gloucestershire.
Grave in Muttra
(12/3/1826 - 15/5/1900)
She Died at Dresden, Buried Leckhampton
Lived at Waldon House, Cheltenham.
Lt Col H.M's Indian Military Forces.
Daughter Mary Anne Caroline Gaitskell Major 26th Regiment Bengal Native Infantry.
Member of the Oriental Club 1837 as Ensign in East India Company
m 1852 Purcell Cotter Buried Leckhampton, Gloucestershire.
Memorial, Christ Church, Cheltenham.
Walter Ajmes Gaitskell Herbert Naylor Gaitskell Charles Gaitskell Sydney Gaitskell
Arthur Gaitskell Alice Mary Gaitskell
(29/6/1859 - 7/7/1937) (7/11/1860 - 20/1/1883) (3/2/1863 - 22/11/1922) (25/2/1867 - 7/8/1937) (20/8/1869 - 1/12/1915) 18/1/1865 - 8/4/1938
m Emily Caroline Smart daughter of Sir William Smart, K.C.B, R.N Doctor of medicine, Aberdeen, Inspector of Hospitals and the fleets in R.N. Honorary Physician to Queen Victoria. A Lieutenant 2nd Battallion Lincolnshire Regiment m Mary Chamberlen Howse Colonel of Royal Marine Artillary Born Waldon house, Cheltenham. Born at Cheltenham
Died Benares, Memorial Christ Church Cheltenham. m Harriet Edith Hamilton Mayne daughter of Major General James Mayne Died at Duff House, Banff. m1891 Walter Hubert de Burgh Griffith
Burried at Leckhampton. Any Relation of Rosaleen de Burgh?
Indian Civil Service, a Commissioner of Tenasserim, Burma.
m1898 Adelaide Mary daughter of George Jamieson of Staithe House, Bancaster, Norfolk.
Hugh Todd Naylor Gaitskell Arthur Gaitskell Dorothy Margaret Rupert Vardon Griffith
(9/4/1906-18/01/63) (23/10/1900 - (8Sept 1899 - ( - 12/3/1915)
Born london Born Rangoon, Burma. Born at Rangoon, Burma. Killed in action St. Eloie.
Doctor of Civil Law at New College, Oxford Knighted 14/7/1970 Married Sir Hubert Ashton of Wealdside, K.B.E.M.C.M.A. (Cantab.), Trinity College.
M.P South Leeds, Co York from 1945 m1939Jeanne Stephanie daughter of Edward Coplestone Townsend M.P for Chelmsford Division.
Minister of Fuel and Power 1947 -1950 Jeanne was great granddaughter of William Todd-Naylor - eldest brother of Emily Todd-Naylor, grand mother of Arthur.
Minister of state for Economic Affairs 1950
Chancellor of the Exchequer 1950-51.
m1937 in London
She was created a Peeress for life. Title Barroness Gaitskell of Egremont, County of Cumberland