Mine and Counter Mine and the Residency.

The Relief of Lucknow.
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Throughout the gruelling hot season and the torrential monsoon rains of 1857, the British in India fought to put down a rebellion spearheaded by the Indian Soldiers of the army. In Lucknow, the capital of the recently annexed state of Oudh, a small garrison of 1,800 British men, women and children--supported by 1,200 loyal Indians--withstood a siege of almost three months against rebels numbering between 20,000 and 50,000. On July 2, Sir Henry Lawrence mortally wounded 3 days into the Siege, handed over command to Brig John Inglis. 87 days later on the 26th September, led by Major General Outram and General Havelock, a relieving force fought its way to Lucknow but was too depleted in strength to break out of the siege. With the constant strain of attack, mine and counter-mine under the walls, the defenders held out until the middle of November when Lord Clyde's forces were sufficient to relief the garrison. By then half of the 3000 original occupants were dead.

Read Lady Inglis' diaries during the Mutiny.
PrefacePage 1-4950-99100-149150-199, 200 -240.

Inglises and their relations in the forces.

Maj Gen SirJohn Inglis
1837 Active service in Canada
1848 - 49 In Punjab In command at the Storming of Mooltan and the Battle of  Gujarat.
1857 Succeeded Sir Henry Lawrence in Command of the garrison during Siege of Lucknow, India.

Zulu Wars.
Frederick Augustus Thesiger.
Commander in chief of forces in Zulu and Kafir war. Letters to Maj Gen Inglis

1st World War.
Rev Rupert Inglis
Killed at the battle of Somme.
Rupert Charles Inglis.
Killed at Gallipoli.
Maj Harold John Inglis D.S.O, M.C
Jack Inglis
Killed at Battle of Loos.
Alfred Walter Inglis
Percy Ashton M.C
Badly gassed.
Gilbert Ashton M.C
Hubert Ashton M.C
Ronald Collier.
Killed at the battle of Jutland.

2nd World War.
Air Vice Marshall Victor Goddard
Air Vice Marshall Frank Inglis.
In 1942 he was sent to America by Churchill, where he successfully persuaded President Roosevelt to direct the American war effort against Germany rather than Japan.
Claude Ashton
Killed during war in a flying accident .
Vice Admiral Tommy Inglis.
Cmdr Bobby Bristow D.S.O
Jeremy Howard-Williams D.F.C (Night Fighter)
Lt Col John Charles Inglis.
Military Carreers.
Maj Gen Johnathan Dent.
Maj Christopher Inglis
Cmdr Charles Woods R.N
Cmdr Kenneth Collier R.N
Cmdr  Tim Kitson R.N
Cmdr Humphry Kitson R.N
Brigadier Hedlley Duncan
Maj John Frederick Inglis.
Maj Thomas Cochran Inglis.
Admiral Cyril  Tower.

Memorial in the Crypt of St Paul's Cathedral, London.
The sword was presented to him by the inhabitants of Nova Scotia.
Picture by William Gush hangs in the parliament building in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Rev Rupert Edward Inglis.
Died looking for wounded at the battle of the Somme.
His diaries make fascinating reading of  life in the trenches.during the 1914-18 war.

Thiepval memorial

Played rugby for England. Details

Jack Inglis.
Died at the Battle of Loos.
A talented musician and athlete who wrote his first music age 5 years.
He won the military academy athletics, 2mile, 1 mile, 1/2 mile all in one day.

General Lord Chelmsford..
Comander-in-Chief during the Zulu War.
Letters from General Lord Chelmsford to his brother-in-law Maj Gen Inglis during the Crimea. Including a description of the storming of the Redan at Sebastapol.

Maj Harold John Inglis. M.C, D.S.O
Wounded twice during the first world war.  Awarded M.C at Gallipoli and a D.S.O at the battle of the Somme. (Recommended for a V.C). His brother, Rupert Inglis, was killed in action at the battle of Gallipoli.

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