A list of Original Source material relating to Inglises living in the Douglas area, Lanarkshire County of Scotland.
For example: The first Inglis is mentioned in the Register of the Secret Seal of Scotland (1532). The last in this list is William Inglis mentioned in the Douglas Estate papers. (1860)

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A list of Inglises found on Gravestones in 14 churches in the Borders of Scotland.

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History of the Inglis of Mannor, Mannorhead, and Murdostoun and Hartwood, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

These are some of  the earliest recorded Inglises who first came to prominence in 1395 when Sir William Inglis killed the English Champion, Sir Thomas Struthers, in single combat. For this feat King Robert the Bruce granted him 'his cousin' the Barony of Manor. N.B Spelling of place names varied considerably in documents. (See Connections with other Inglis families.)

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History of the Inglises of Eist sheil. (See Connections with other Inglis families.)

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History of the Inglises of Cramond. (See Connections with other Inglis families.)

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Cramond Tower

Diaries and Letters.

1 Published diaries of Lady Inglis during the siege of Lucknow Indian Mutiny
PrefacePage 1-4950-99100-149150-199, 200 -240.

2 Rupert Edward Inglis's letters from the front.

3 Letters from General Lord Chelmsford to his brother-in-law Maj Gen Inglis during the Crimea. Including a description of the storming of the Redan at Sebastapol.

History of the Inglis of Auchindinny and Redhall by John Alexander Inglis.
(See Connections with other Inglis families.) Chapters not underlined have not been completed yet.

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Chapter 1  Inglises of Murdostoun, A good chapter on Early Inglis History.
Chapter 2  Inglises of Langbyres
Chapter 3  John Inglis of Auchindinny
Chapter 4  Early History of Auchindinny
Chapter 5  Archibald Inglis of Auchindinny
Chapter 6  Katherine Inglis (Mrs William Cadell)
Chapter 7  Patrick Inglis
Chapter 8  David Inglis
Chapter 9  Anne Inglis (Mrs Preston of Gorton)
Chapter 10  John Inglis of Philadelphia
Chapter 11 The American Branch
Chapter 12 Katherine Inglis (Mrs Oliphant)
Chapter 13 George Inglis of Redhall
Chapter 14 The Early History of Redhall
Chapter 15 Vice Admiral John Inglis R.N
Chapter 16 The Admiral Family
Chapter 17 The Nisbets of Carphin
Chapter 18 The Philps of Greenlaw
Chapter 19 The Lyles of Stanypeth and Bassendean.

Lady Inglis.

Inglis of Auchindinny.
Motto: In Tenebris Lucidior

Letters  and Information regarding Bishop Charles Inglis. (1st Colonial Bishop)

Bishop Charles Inglis and his Descendants Published in 1908.
Bishop Charles Inglis on the American war of Independence.

Letters from Bishop John Inglis. (3rd Colonial Bishop of Nova Scotia)

Bishop John Inglis efforts to protect the last Indigenous Indian population in New Foundland
Bishop John Inglis report on State Schools in Nova Scotia 1827.
Interview with  Shanawdithit last of indigemous tribe in New Foundland

Bishop Charles Inglis

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