We have carefully selected a number of products related to the Inglis family and its heritage. We have used LOCHCARRON one of the finest tartan manufacturers in Scotland to make most of our products.

Rather than try and set up our own commercial site we have used my business website as it has the facility to provide a cost effective shop with secure methods of payment.

To order Inglis tartan fabric by the meter contact For further information on fabric weights view examples page 2 .

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Some examples of products in the shop are shown below which are made from Ancient Inglis Tartan: (to see a better representation of the colours rather than my photos click on Ancient or Modern Inglis Tartan) The colours in the ancient more closely resemble natural dyes. Not all products are always available in stock. Please contact us if you can't find something.

Inglis Tartan Bow Tie

Colour: Ancient Inglis

Ready made bow.
100% Lochcarron Tartan worsted wool.
Adjustable strap.

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Examples of Inglis Tartan in the home!
Fabric available.

Inglis Tartan Kilt Flash

Colour: Ancient Inglis

100% Lochcarron Tartan worsted wool.
These Inglis Tartan Kilt Hose Flashes come with elasticated garters, with hook, bar and adjusting buckle. They will fit any adult leg size.The Flashes are cut with Traditional Pointed Ends.

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Inglis Tartan Sash

Colour: Ancient Inglis

100% Lochcarron Tartan wool in 10 oz cloth.

Sash is 28 cms by 218 cms

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Examples shop page 2

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Chairs and stools

Ancient Inglis Tartan

Modern Inglis Tartan

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